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Show off your sexy sizzle in our unique, limited edition women’s fashion jeans. At COCOA JEANS, our clothing is handmade from high-quality material that helps you stay cool while you’re throwing off the heat all over the club.

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Who We Are

Turn up the heat in sleek women’s designer jeans that accentuate your sexy curves by calling COCOA JEANS in San Jose, California. We provide limited edition, handmade, cutting-edge, and sexy designer jeans and other fashion apparel for women, including shorts, skirts, and tops. Since we use unique handmade designs and only the best fabrics designed by DuPont™, our trendy and sensual clothing holds its shape and color, and if it’s really hot it, helps keeps your body from sweating. Look hot without feeling hot at the club or disco in our comfortable, butt-lifting jeans. We use only raw materials from America to help stimulate and create jobs for our local economy.

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Contact COCOA JEANS in San Jose, California, for hot and sexy women’s designer jeans cut to go with the flow of a woman’s curves.